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Aside from the usual options associated with your vehicle, are there any that would add significant value to it (ie: Navigation, Parking Camera, Heads Up Display, etc.)
Please describe any physical aesthetic flaws on your vehicle (ie: Dent in the right front door, Cracked windshield, Chips on the front bumper, etc.)
What repair service has been done recently and what’s on the list to be done soon? (ie: Front brakes were replaced 800 miles ago, Rear brakes need to be done soon, Tires have only 6,000 miles on them, etc.)
Your vehicle’s history report is a significant factor in determining its value. Although we run a full background check, are there any other attributes you’d like to add that may affect its value? (ie: Bought car from relative who bought car new, always garaged, have all service records, car was in an accident but have documentation on what was repaired, etc.)
If possible, please email us some pictures (features and flaws) to help substantiate your description. This will help us provide you with a more accurate value prior to inspecting your vehicle. (ie: Picture of dent in door, Picture of leather interior, Picture of upgraded wheels, Picture of scrapes on front bumper, etc.)

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